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Maem yuuuk :)

Menjadi orangtua, ibu pikir bakal lempeng-lempeng aja. Achi adalah tipe pemakan segala sampai usianya 10 bulan. Pada suatu ketika nafsu makannya menurun drastis. Segala resep dicoba, segala jurus dipasang. Hasilnya tetep sama. GTM-gerakan tutup mulut.

Berfikir positif, itu penting. Dari milis sekolahrumah ibu dapet pencerahan dari mbak Erna. Putranya yang kelihatan kurus, ditanya orang-orang apa makannya sedikit. Dan beliau menjawab karena putranya sedang aktif bergerak.

Dalam proses belajar jadi orangtua, ibu jadi sadar… salah satunya ibu kuatir banget Achi gak tumbuh seperti yang ibu inginkan. cuma barangkali ada secuil rasa kesal klo orang-orang nganggep ibu dan ayah gak telaten ngurus anak 🙂

Berpikir positif, sambil terus membimbing Achi dalam hidupnya nanti-terus menerus. Daripada mikir Achi jadi picky eater, ibu sekarang lebih suka mikir Achi sedang dalam tahap lebih suka ngoceh daripada makan 🙂 Ibu dan Ayah, selalu mengharapkan yang terbaik buatmu. Alhamdulillah… sekarang jadi penikmat kentang sejati.


The Journey began…Part II

Ok, since mommy wants daddy to continue this post, here comes daddy…

We enter the most important part in our life. It’s 14 March 2006, we held a simple but religious Akad Nikah ceremony that took place on mommy’s family house at Bukittinggi. Actually we planned to held that on the nearest Mosque around, but it’s already late night ( Isya’ time was around 8.00 PM at Bukittinggi ) so our parents decided to held the ceremony just at home.

Don’t ask me how nervous I was that time. My hand was so cold and sweat. My throat also feels bad until I ask Bulek Sur for a glass of water. Grandpa was also very nervous, his mouth indicating that he praise Allah’s name. Seeing him only made me more nervous 😀


And, here comes the Akad Nikah, I grab Grandpa Parjono’s hand tightly, and first try was not too good. I’m too nervous for this religious ceremony. So Grandpa Soenarto ask me to repeat the process.  And at the second time, I finally spoke the whole Akad Nikah words perfectly.

Akad Nikah

The second part was my Mas Kawin, which is “hafalan” from a whole surah of Al-Mulk. Here’s the picture :


After that, the whole process was completely done. We all can smile out, alhamdulillah. Finally, we became husband and wife 🙂


We all take a rest then, and prepare for the big day tomorrow for our wedding party at Dymens Hotel in Bukittinggi. We will post that on part III 🙂 A day full of smiling, and hand shaking ….


The Journey began…Part I

It’s 11 March 2007, when Grandpa and Grandma with auntie Pipot arrived on Bukittinggi for my marriage. It’s 3 days before our marriage day. Before that, Grandma already read a lot about Bukittingi, including it’s famous Nasi kapau. They just can’t wait to try it. Arrived on Minangkabau International Airport, picked up by Mas Didiek and Mbak Reni. Bukittinggi city is a very cold and fresh city. They spent 3-5 hours for transit and plane flight from Surabaya to Padang. Their journey then continued about 3 hours (well, that includes lunch at Sate Mak Syukur in Padang Panjang :D). Finally they arrived at Bukittinggi.

At 12 March, Grandma and Grandpa want to take a trip around Bukittinggi. Here’s their picture :

At Bukittinggi's Zoo

After that, they visit Jam Gadang. And there they met Mas Didiek and Mbak Reni. Here’s the picture :

Pose at Jam Gadang

Yep, it’s quite fun trip. Grandma and Grandpa never been this far from home until their son married 😀 After few hours round trip, we finally back home.

That’s the end of Part I. Mommy will continue the story, daddy is sleepy right now 😀


Hello world…!

Hello there, Assalamu’alaikum.

Here we present our new homepage on internet. This blog tells about our family, yes…we are The Prasojo’s. In this blog, you will find our story. The story starts from the very beginning when two young people met, and decided to marry :), until now we already had a lovely daughter. Well, it’s a little bit late to start though, since the store already began in 2007;that means 1 year a go. Well, the idea just came yesterday when me and my wife had a little night chat. Hey, maybe it’s gonna be great to have a family blog. Just want to write and share our daily life to all. And later after all of our kids and daughter grow up, they can see history of their life on internet, and opens it every time they want. Great idea…and here we are, The Prasojo’s……….

We welcome you to our virtual house. Hope you all enjoy our writings, and hopefully shares the same happiness as we have here.