Song Of The Day

This morning I remembered about my Senior High School’s day. There was Ifo that sent me a message at FS.

Today… this song is for ay&achi 🙂

I Can’t stop the rain from falling

Do what you must do

I can only hope to show the love I have for you



Part III, the wedding party.

Been so long for next post, little busy with jobs (since when did a programmer hasnt busy in their life ? :p).
Back on part III, here’s the tale of our marriage day in Bukittinggi, placed on Dymens Hotel. The wedding party started
at 10.00 AM, ended at 10.00 PM, he he, what a long long day for both of us. It feels weird that time, wearing a javanese clothes, with keris on my back. And not to mention the blankon I wear. I look like one of srimulat player 😀 We changed our clothes 3 times. The first blue one, traditional clothes from javanese. Here’s the picture :

 first clothes

And the second clothers was traditional clothes from Minang, here’s the picture :

2nd clothes

The third one, we dont have the picture, it’s a brown coloured traditional javanese clothes. Well, 3 times change for 12 hourse wedding, that sounds enough 😀 So, interested to contract us as your wedding model ? 😉

There are a lots of traditional javanese ceremony during our wedding. And alhamdulillah, we can select the one whose not against Islamic syariah. For example, “sungkeman” ceremony. This ceremony presents our thanks, and our loyalty to our parents for growing us until we can married.


Eyang Prihartini cant hold her tears when the ceremony began. Oh God, please bless our parents, forgive their sin, and bring them to the best place near you, Amin.

Ok that’s the end of part III.