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New Family Member….Welcoming Faizza Aulia Prasojo

21 February, right about 22.30 pm, our beloved 2nd daughter has born in this world. It was one of the happiest moment on this family’s life journey and history. Yep, after 4 hours struggling, fighting the pain, my wife finally gave birth-normally, with only little glitch at the first. But Alhamdulillah, we can passed it all with the guidance from Allah SWT 🙂 Here’s the picture of my wife before she gave birth, while waiting on surgery room, look how tough she is during the process 🙂 I’m really really proud of her 🙂

Bun di rumah sakit

And, here’s the very first picture of Faizza.She’s as beautiful as her mother and sister 🙂 . And yet, I’m still the most handsome guy on this family 😉

Faizza lagi bobok

And suddenly Achy come in and wanted to hug and kiss her little brother, “Hai adek, welcome to this world, Mbak Achy will always love youuu :)”, yes Achy, you’re right, we all love Faizza. Dear my little daughter, welcome aboard, we’ve been waiting so long for you to finally born in this world…

Achy sayang Icha

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