Family, little achi

day-by-day watching them grow…

They will always become our light. Why ? So many things in our life has changed since they’re here. Yep, from the first day they born, until now, and hopefully forever. Here’s our favorite pic from them :

Duo Achiza...
Achi is now 2 years and 11 months old, and Izza is 8 months. Since they’re just a kid, sometimes they fight each other. This reminds us a lot to our childhood, so we can understand how they behave. How each other fight for more attention from their mom, how each other takes away any stuff from others, we not only understand how difficult to be a parent, and also how difficult to react wise in every cases 🙂
We will always remember the day when Achi stops to drink ASI from Bunda. Here’s what she said that day :
Achi sekarang dah gede, gak boleh mimik bun lagi, buat adek izza aja“. First 2 or 3 days, she can only see her sister drinks happily from her Mom, with plain eyes. We know, she’s trying soo hard to accept it and get use to it. And finally, she made it. Now, Achi only request for plain water before she go to sleep. We try to make everybody in this family learn, about how important to share with others. It’s difficult, we know it, and yet-nobody’s perfect, but still, this is a great lesson for all of us.
And Izza, she’s now able to sit by herself. She’s become more active than before ( well, she fell twice from our bed 😀 ) She always shows her enthusiastic while seeing her older sister do everything. And just like Achi, we will never forget her smile 🙂 .
Izza, senyum ceria..

Dear Achiza, we hope so much to you. You force us to be a better person, better parents, everyday, and always. Love u.. 🙂

*Achi : “…doa sebelum tidul, bismita awlo humma aya wa bis mita amuut”
*Izza : …krusuk krusuk, umek ae…