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Zimbabwe part 1..

Chance to see the outside world is one of my reason to take this job :). Never ever crossed in my mind before that I will visit this country. I have heard about this country before  when economic crisis hit this country around 2008.  1 trillion dollar zimbabwe equals to 1 USD, such an epic story. My impression first time I hit this country is that, it looks like Indonesia, on 1970’s 🙂 ( don’t get me wrong, I see 1970’s picture of Indonesia in some old movie, I wasn’t born yet that day :p ). If you see the buses, the people, and how the city looks like, then you might end up with the same conclusion with me :D.

2014-06-20 13.52.22

No pic hoax ? Here’s one of the picture I took during my journey from hotel to /// office. Unfortunately I don’t have the picture for the old buses (updated), but you can imagine inter-city bus, with full of bag loaded on top of it. Yeah, one of the problem here is transportation. Those buses seem to only pass once in a few hour. Once they passed, there will be so many people waiting, together with their belongings. I also see some people waive their hands on the streets looking for a car lift. Not sure if it is safe to give them a lift, since I’m just a foreigner here.

—- Updated

Here’s the bus view in Harare..


But wait, there’s also tall building here in this country :). During my first week here, /// put me on Crowne plaza hotel located on the city centre, surrounded by few tall buildings.

2014-06-15 17.01.26

See ? Not too bad, except the internet speed :D. I can only really browse the internet on 5-6 AM in the morning. When I came back to hotel from the office around 7-8, the internet speed is horrible. I waited so long to open a webpage ( which then ended up with me closing the laptop and go to sleep :p). Yeah, the infrastructure is not good here. Telecommunications and Transportation, those 2 things need to be improved first here before they want to go to the next step.

— Updated, here’s the other city view of Harare..


Now, the good thing about this country is that, there’s almost no traffic jam :). We can go to the airport from /// office in about 30 minutes on daytime.

2014-06-25 08.51.41Wider road with less cars, compare this to Jakarta :). And yes, I rarely seen any motor bikes here, which is probably a good thing :D.

And the other good thing, Indonesia has its embassy here. So, I went there to meet with the people and to introduce myself. It’s good to have Indonesian friends in this nowhere country :D, at least I can speak bahasa again after so long. Feels like home, but not the real home :). The embassy staff are very helpful, if you imagine that all government officers are hard, rigid, then you are wrong. They are all very friendly here. I went there almost every weekend, just to say hi, and to talk to them.  And yes, they held a friendly 17an match to celebrate Indonesia’s independence day, where  I won Gaple match, with pak Tachsin Fernandi as my co-player….:)

2014-06-21 16.19.29There’s only about 40 Indonesian people here in Zimbabwe, including the kids. Not so much, but that makes them big family together in a foreign country 🙂 If you are interested more, just invite their Facebook account “Perwakin Harare”.

Ok, that is all for part 1, time to go back to the apartment and prepare some meal for Ifthar.

Zimbabwe, July 19th, 2014.