Zimbabwe, part 2..

So, I always put in my pray during Ramadhan, hoping that I can spend the Ied Al Fitr celebration together with my family, but it turns out that Allah gave me ‘another’ new family here in Zimbabwe :). Yes, I spend Ied Al Fitr here with the big family of Indonesian citizens ( well, not that big, only 40 people here including the kids … ). The preparation day started with making and cooking Ketupat lebaran together..after searched in youtube, I finally created my very first Ketupat 😀


Feels like home with the family. We close the day with ifthaar together at the embassy office. After isya’ in Masjid Al-Abbas on Boeing street, we got confirmation that the moon has been seen on South Africa, that means it should be visible in Harare too, so the next day will be the 1st of Syawal.






Ied prayer started around 8.15. We went to Arcadia mosque, where we met most of Indonesian people there. I went together within the same car with the embassy staff. Here’s our selfie picture from inside the car 🙂

After Ied pray, everybody gathered around outside the mosque. They provided some snacks and drinks for free for everybody in the mosque. It’s time for halal bihalal. I even met some Indonesian people I haven’t met before, Dr Widi and his family. They drove from Bulawayo directly to Harare specially to celebrate the Ied al Fitr together with Indonesian people in Harare :).


And that day continued as usual, since it’s Monday. No official holiday for me :). It’s different with in Indonesia, it’s like nothing big going on that day, it’s just normal day, business as usual. That is 1 major difference in celebrating Ied Al Fitr far away from home.

Now, it’s time to go back to Jakarta, and celebrate the Ied Al Fitr together with my family. Happy belated Ied Al Fitr to all Muslims in the world 🙂