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Where do children sleep?

Hai guys,I’m sorry my family and I haven’t write a blog for a few months from now(or maybe more) that’s because my family and I have been so busy………but anyway now that I’m back let’s get started!

I know by title of this blog you might be thinking,”Of course children sleep in bed.”But there is some children who can’t even afford a bed or even a shelter.So we have to be thankful for what we have now,who knows maybe there is somebody who doesn’t have what we have now.If you want to help those people who are in need,save a penny for them.One penny means the world to them

You know,I am always so sad people sleeping in the streets,people who have no family.But I don’t know how to help them.”To us it is only a penny,to them it means the world.”

So help them in need in anyway you can.Remember the quote today is “To us it is only a penny,to them it means the world.”